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CHR Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the EAP work?

When you call CHR, you’ll be referred to a qualified, professional counselor to discuss your situation and clarify your needs. The counselor will help you choose a plan for resolving your concerns and support you in meeting your goals.

2. Who pays for services provided by the EAP?

The EAP is a benefit provided by the employer for its employees, and most often, their household members and significant others. Employees are never charged for any service provided to them by the EAP.

3. Who can use the EAP?

Employees of organizations who purchase EAP services from CHR can use the counseling services. Most employers also cover services for employee’s household members and significant others. We can provide that information when you call, or you can check with your company’s Human Resources Department.

4. Will my employer know that I’ve used the EAP?

All of your communications with the EAP are completely confidential. (Any legal exceptions to the confidentiality rules will be discussed with you at the beginning of your first appointment.) Your employer will get limited feedback on overall program utilization, but no information will ever identify specific clients.