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Corporate Health Resouces
Corporate Health Resouces

Information for Employers

Welcome to the Corporate Health Resources (CHR) website.
Our 3-part program encompasses the following:

Counseling Services for employees and household members

Workforce Training to enhance employee skills, productivity, morale, and regulatory compliance

Organizational Development Activities to maximize business potential and workforce effectiveness

CHR brings to its employer groups a team of professionals in the fields of psychology, marriage and family therapy, substance abuse and addictions, social work, business management, communications, and human resources. Programs for employer groups are customized to meet unique organizational needs while supporting corporate values and goals.

CHR is owned and operated by Corporate Health Resources, LLC, an established managed behavioral healthcare organization with extensive experience in the management and delivery of behavioral healthcare service. As such, CHR is uniquely qualified as a provider of EAP services

To learn more about services for the organization, click on Organizational Services or Training Services.